Lots of Local Brews

West Michigan is quickly becoming a craft beer hot spot. If you are new to craft beers, explore the basic types below and feel free to experiment with our suggested pairings... or just drink them straight. Cheers!



Blonde Ale

Mild malt sweetness, low bitterness, light bodied with a dry finish.

Pair with grilled seafood, cobb salad, fried chicken and manchego cheese.

Pale Ale/IPA

Pale: Medium Hops. IPA: More pronounced hops. This English style beer strikes a balance between malt and hops with a medium to dry finish.

Pair with burgers, fish and chips, spicy food and sharp cheddar cheese.

Amber Ale

Caramel richness with balance towards malt, medium bodied.

Pair with burgers, pepperoni pizza, sandwiches, smoked gouda and white cheddar cheese.

Irish Red Ale

Toasted malt and caramel flavors with a clean dry finish.

Pair with beer, pork, barbeque and gruyere cheese.

Brown Ale

Dark in color with caramel, chocolate, toffee and nutty flavors with a medium dry finish.
Pairs well with all foods including pork, barbeque. Cheeses include gouda, mild cheddar and blue



Strong roasted malt taste with coffee, chocolate or caramel flavors.

Pair with beef, barbeque ribs, bacon blue burger and Danish blue cheese or aged white cheddar.



Moderate roasted malt taste with hints of chocolate.

Pair with barbecue beef, blackened fish, meatloaf and smoked Gouda or Danish blue cheese.


Hard Cider

Great with pancakes, squash soup, creamy pasta dishes, ginger bread, turkey dinner, cinnamon sugar donuts, apple pie, blue cheese and dishes with blue cheese.