Delight friends and family, thank clients, reward employees or acknowledge special occasions with gourmet gift baskets created with inspiration and care by the experts at J-Dub's Market & Wine Shop

Any time of year, cheerful baskets of tasty goodies are guaranteed to bring smiles of appreciation. Festive packages brimming with delicious, carefully selected, gourmet cheeses, wines and more are exceptional indulgences sure to please.

J-Dub's Market & Wine Shop makes it easy for you to express your thoughts by offering wonderful gift baskets for any occasion with a variety of enticing contents in several price ranges.


Gift baskets are one of the most versatile gifts and virtually everyone enjoys getting them, not just because of what's inside, but also the thought put into it by the giver. But some do it better than others. Here are some tips to think about when creating your gift basket at J-Dub's Market & Wine Shop for your special someone.

  • Tell us, what's the occasion?
  • How will they be receiving your basket? Are you delivering it in person or leaving it as a surprise? This can affect whether you want to include perishable items.
  • Let us know what your special person likes. We love to help in the brainstorming process.
  • Select their items. You can simply pick a montage of items they would enjoy OR better yet, you can create a theme to bring it together as one cohesive piece. Try a theme such as a beer basket with beer pairings, an Italian dinner basket for a house-warming gift, a charcuterie kit for your meat-lovers, a picnic basket for a walk on the boardwalk, or a romantic getaway basket with wine and chocolate.
  • Give us any additional items you would like to include in their special basket. Here are some simple ideas that make a huge impact: Greeting Cards, Books, Recipe Cards, Fresh Fruit, Photos, Food, Wine, and Other Accessories.
  • Pick the perfect presentation. Select their gift basket and decorative accessories for the perfect presentation
  • Invite them to visit J-Dub's. Consider including a gift card of any amount so they can be "in" on Grand Haven's best fine food and wine boutique, just like you
  • Finish it off with a handwritten note (we have free hang tags available). No message is more personal than a handwritten note. Tell them how much you appreciate them and why you are giving them this gift.

We all know it's better to give than to receive, but the truth is we all want someone to give us the same thought and attention that a custom gift basket brings. So feel free to drop subtle hints if you like. And remember this, when you give to gift baskets to others you might just find others returning the favor. Happy gift giving!

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