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Craft Beers

Celebrate Craftsmanship

At J-Dub’s Market & Wine Shop in Grand Haven, MI, immerse yourself in an ever-evolving world of craft beers. Discover an impressive assortment that includes both local favorites and renowned national brews. Whether you’re a fan of hoppy IPAs, rich stouts, or crisp lagers, our rotating selection promises something for every beer enthusiast. We continuously strive to bring you the best and most exciting craft beers on the market. Visit us today and discover your next favorite!

Pale Ale / IPA

Pale: Medium Hops
IPA: More pronounced hops
This English-style beer strikes a balance between malt and hops with a medium to dry finish.
Pair with burgers, fish and chips, spicy food and sharp cheddar cheese.

Fogout - N.E. IPA

The Mitten Brewing Co.

$4.00 16oz

Mobfather - Double IPA

Trail Point Brewing

$4.00 16oz

Big Doinks - Dank IPA

Fair State Brewing

$2.50 12oz

Pure MI Fall - IPA

Shorts Brewing

$2.50 12oz

M43 - N.E. IPA

Old Nation Brewing

$4.50 16oz

VooDoo Ranger - HAze IPA

New Belgium Brewing

$2.25 12oz

DNA Test - Hazy IPA

Three Blondes

$3.00 12oz

Wheezin' The Juice - Juicy IPA

Grand Armory

$2.25 12oz

Fat Tire - Ale

New Belgium Brewing

$2.00 12oz

Citra Pale Ale - Single Hop Pale Ale

Odd Side Ales

$2.25 12oz

Crop Duster - Citra Pale Ale

Grand Armory

$2.50 12oz

Cents Belgian - Triple Ale

Chimay Cinque


Space Rock - Pale Ale

Shorts Brewing

$2.00 Gluten Free 12oz


Premium Lager

Sapporo Brewing

$4.00 22oz

Lil Buddy Lager


$2.00 8oz

Winter Lager - Spiced

Detroit Brewing

$2.25 16oz

House Lager

Waypost Brewing

$3.75 16oz

Schwarzbier - Dark Lager

Waypost Brewing

$4.00 16oz

Amber Ale

Caramel richness with balance towards malt, medium bodied.
Pair with burgers, pepperoni pizza, sandwiches, smoked gouda, and white cheddar cheese.

Red Jacket

Keweenaw Brewing

$2.25 12oz

Oh MI Amber

Trail Point Brewing

$3.25 16oz


Teak Tropical American

Urban Artifact

$2.75 12oz

Brown Ale

Dark in color with caramel, chocolate, toffee and nutty flavors with a medium dry finish.
Pairs well with all foods including pork, barbeque. Cheeses include gouda, mild cheddar, and blue cheese.

Bellaire brown

Shorts Brewing

$2.00 12oz



Peroni nastro



Flensburger Braverie


Blonde Ale

Mild malt sweetness, low bitterness, light bodied with a dry finish.
Pair with grilled seafood, cobb salad, fried chicken and manchego cheese.


Three Blondes

$2.25 12oz

Pick Axe

Keweenaw Brewing

$2.50 12oz


Strong roasted malt taste with coffee, chocolate or caramel flavors.
Pair with beef, barbeque ribs, bacon blue burger, and Danish blue cheese or aged white cheddar.

Irish Stout


$2.00 15oz



$2.25 15oz


Oberon Eclipse - Citrus


$2.00 12oz


Moderate roasted malt taste with hints of chocolate.
Pair with barbecue beef, blackened fish, meatloaf and smoked Gouda or Danish blue cheese.

Peanuts & Cracker jack

The Mitten Brewing

$3.50 16oz

Praline - Hazelnut

Odd Side Ales

$3.75 12oz

Cream Ale

S.S. Badger - Blueberry

Ludington Bay Brewing

$2.25 12oz

Hard Ciders

Great with pancakes, squash soup, creamy pasta dishes, ginger bread,
turkey dinner, cinnamon sugar donuts, apple pie, blue cheese and dishes with blue cheese.

Premium Swedish Ciders

Mano, Raspberry, Strawberry, Lime


$3.50 12oz

Cheri Cordial - Chocolate Cherry


$2.50 12oz

JK Scrumpy

Almar Orchards

$4.25 16oz

X.R Cyser Draft Style Mead

Apple Pie

St Ambrose

$4.75 12oz

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